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ZSX Medical wins “Most Likely to Succeed” grand prize at NJTC Venture Conference

Annual Venture Conference of the New Jersey Technology Council featured 62 diverse companies from Mid-Atlantic region.

Somerset, NJ, March 25, 2011: The Palace at Somerset Park hosted a gathering of 62 emerging companies as the featured funding outreach event of the year for NJTC. Sponsors included the cream of the region’s early stage legal, accounting, incubation and venture capital firms. Exhibitors included every facet of the technology industry, from social networking, nutrition and green-tech to budding medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

Dan Mazzucco, Ph.D., President of ZSX Medical, was pleased to take home the grand prize “Most Likely to Succeed” award having presented the Zip-Stitch™ platform to revolutionize surgical closure through bio-absorbable polymer systems. “Our mission”, notes Dr. Mazzucco “is to make closing internal surgical incisions as easy as closing a Ziploc® bag.”

The first iteration of the Zip-Stitch™ platform will address uterine closure following cesarean delivery. “In a typical cesarean delivery, the uterus is bleeding and open to infection for about ten minutes. Zip-Stitch™ is designed to reduce that critical time by up to 80%, improving patient outcomes and reducing hospital costs.”

Cesarean delivery is an urgent target for Zip-Stitch™, as cesareans have become the most common large incision surgery in the world with one third of all US babies delivered surgically. A major reason for this prevalence is that poor uterine healing from an initial cesarean delivery virtually forces that mother to opt for cesarean in subsequent pregnancies. 

Eric Rugart, COO and co-founder of ZSX Medical was impressed NJTC was willing to so recognize a Pennsylvania company amidst an excellent field of New Jersey contenders. “The real winning companies convinced potential investors that their market opportunity is large, their technology is compelling and their team is ready to execute. It’s great to be designated most likely to succeed”, he concluded “now it’s up to us to prove the judges were looking through a crystal ball and not rose colored glasses.”

About ZSX Medical, LLC

ZSX Medical, LLC is a pre-clinical stage medical device company reinventing surgical closure through proprietary bio-absorbable systems. ZSX products will feature reduced operative time, infection, tissue adhesion and dehiscence in comparison to sutures or staples, freeing surgeons to focus on the procedure at hand. Our debut product, named Zip-Stitch™ to reflect both its ease of use and speed of closure, will revolutionize uterine closure in the $50 billion global cesarean market. Zip-Stitch™ is the only product designed specifically for uterine closure in cesarean delivery, so it is the only product that meets all the needs of the procedure. Subscribe to our newsletter and learn more about us at

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