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ZSX Medical to Present Uterine Closure Innovation at AdvaMed 2010 -- Major Conference of Medical Device Companies to Learn of Zip-Stitch™ Surgical Closure System

Washington, DC, October 13, 2010:  At 9:10AM on Tuesday October 19, Dan Mazzucco, Ph.D., President of ZSX Medical, will present Zip-Stitch™ a prefabricated bio-absorbable device that will change the standard-of-care in uterine closure following cesarean delivery.

“Zip-Stitch™ will make closing large surgical incisions as easy as closing a Ziploc® bag”, said Dr. Mazzucco. “Designed in consultation with obstetrical surgeons, the first iteration of the Zip-Stitch™ platform will address uterine closure following cesarean delivery. In a typical cesarean delivery, the uterus is bleeding and open to infection for about ten minutes. Zip-Stitch™ is designed to reduce that critical time of uterine exposure by up to 80%, improving patient outcomes and reducing hospital costs.”

Cesarean delivery is an obvious first target for Zip-Stitch™ as cesareans have become the most common large incision surgery in the world. One third of babies are delivered by cesarean in the U.S. and over ten million world-wide.  A major reason for that prevalence is poor uterine healing from a prior cesarean delivery necessitating cesarean for subsequent pregnancies.  Zip-Stitch™ hopes to give doctors the confidence to recommend a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) to those mothers who desire it.

“AdvaMed 2010 is the perfect environment for Zip-Stitch™ to attract a distribution partner with the operating room presence necessary to make our solution available to all the hospitals, doctors, and patients who will benefit from it,” notes Dr. Mazzucco.


About ZSX Medical, LLC

ZSX Medical, LLC is a pre-clinical stage medical device company reinventing surgical closure through proprietary bio-absorbable systems. ZSX products will feature reduced operative time, infection, tissue adhesion and dehiscence in comparison to sutures or staples, freeing surgeons to focus on the procedure at hand. Our debut product, named Zip-Stitch™ to reflect both its ease of use and speed of closure, will revolutionize uterine closure in the $50 billion global cesarean market. Zip-Stitch™ is the only product designed specifically for uterine closure in cesarean delivery, so it is the only product that meets all the needs of the procedure. Subscribe to our newsletter and learn more about us at .

About AdvaMed 2010

AdvaMed 2010 is the premier MedTech conference for business leaders, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, media, financiers, and other industry stakeholders from around the world. In only its third year, AdvaMed 2009 attracted 1,400 industry leaders – including 500+ CEOs, Presidents and C-level executives. In today’s economic and political climate, AdvaMed 2010 is this year’s can’t miss MedTech event for networking; conducting partnering meetings; influencing policymakers and the media; and participating in educational sessions.  Whether you need to finance, partner, or license technology; learn the latest important developments in reimbursement, regulatory, legal, intellectual property, and other critical areas; or meet with and hear from leaders in the Obama Administration and Congress, AdvaMed 2010 is your introduction to key decision-makers. For more information, visit