ZSX 2nd Quarter 2009 Newsletter

ZSX Medical Quarterly Newsletter
April 2009

Welcome to ZSX Medical's first quarterly newsletter. We are sending this newsletter to those who have requested to be updated as to the project's progress. In this newsletter, we will briefly outline what ZSX Medical is, what we've accomplished in the last three months, and what we expect to be doing in the months to come.

What is ZSX Medical?
ZSX stands for "Zip-Stitch Surgical Access and Closure Systems" (say ZSACS really fast and the acronym sort of works). ZSX is a product development project initiated by Feta Med, a medical supply distributor serving the neonatal and obstetrical communities. The project has been ongoing since late 2008, and ZSX Medical was created as a division of Feta Med in February 2009.

The mission of ZSX Medical is to design and develop surgical access and closure systems that improve surgical outcomes by reducing the iatrogenic damage of surgery, reducing operative time, reducing complic ations, and freeing surgeons to focus on the fundamental demands of the procedure. For the time being, ZSX Medical is a division of Feta Med, Inc.

Recent Accomplishments
The following are the accomplishments of ZSX Medical over the last three
1) Chose cesarean deliveries as an initial target market for our lead product.
2) Secured funding for initial proof-of-concept work, including both grants and equity financing (preseed and seed).
3) Filed for patent protection on our lead product.
4) Established an academic collaboration with Widener University.

Ongoing Work
In the next quarter, you should expect to hear more about ZSX Medical as we develop our lead product. You should also expect to see a newsletter in about three months describing the progress that we have made during our second quarter of operations.

For more information regarding Zip-Stitch®, email us at info@zsxmedical.com.

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